Top 10 Ways To Achieving Stress Relief

Stress is a killer, plain and simple. It can be as deadly as a heart attack or a stroke or it can be a slow assassin in the form of deteriorating health. It can also kill happiness. It's impossible to maintain a true healthy, happy outlook on life when the day to day stress of work, home, money, and family are eating away at your very spirit.

Another aspect of stress is that it is contagious. Unless you live alone in a cave your stress affects everyone around you, your mate, your children, your co-workers.Since we are a fix it and fix it now society we've come up with some pretty unhealthy ways to deal with all this stress. We drink to relieve stress or indulge in over eating or the number one fix all - take a pill. We do everything we can to mask the cruel effects of this self imposed demon, which by the way only prolongs or intensifies the original problem.

Here are just a few stress relief ideas that, if you try one or all of them are guaranteed to benefit you and those around you to some degree or another. They are in no particular order and some can be done together. Most important is the fact that we all need to do something.

Luxury Bubble Bath - Door locked ( it's best if no one's home ) soothing warm water with maybe some candles and possibly bath oils. The bubbles are important (even for you guys) it takes you back to being a kid, remember Mr. Bubbles. Showers are good but for stress relief you really need to sit your butt in a tub so that your entire body is submerged.

Laughter - The human body is designed in a way that the actual act of laughing makes good things happen. I won't go into the technical aspects of why this happens, just know it does happen. Now don't confuse this with hysterical lunacy ( that's a whole nother problem ) but laughter or even a heart-felt smile creates a positive flow of emotions. Why do you think the most popular shows on T.V. are comedy shows. Whatever it is that makes you laugh get a good dose of it.

Pets - The simple act of petting an animal has proven to have a soothing effect on the human spirit. Best results would be accomplished with a cat or a dog but I suppose if your favorite pet was a snake or iguana ... then who knows ? maybe that's what would work for you.

Be Invisible - I know it sounds strange but just disappear. Do your best NOT to be the center of anyone's attention for a period of time. Blend into the crowd ( so to speak ) for an hour or so. This is your time to not have any added stress. Plus ... it may make you more appreciated when you re-appear.

Aromatherapy - Our sense of smell effects the brain like nothing else. As a matter of fact smell triggers memory more than any other sense. Scented candles can change the mood of any room and as mentioned earlier add a nice touch to your bubble bath. Lavender is one of the most soothing scents especially to induce a good restful sleep. A little known fact is that many NFL football teams employ the practice of having their players put lavender on their pillows so that when they travel they put a few drops of this oil on their pillows in their hotel rooms thus allowing the players to get a good nights sleep on the road.

Walking - To the level of your comfort and pleasure whether it's around the block or around a mountain walking can greatly reduce stress and if you'd like to double that ...take a friend with you.

Call An Old Friend - It works ! By using the Internet we can reconnect with just about anyone from our past. No longer do you have to wait for some occasion to talk with an old buddy from years gone by. This method can be a bit tricky though because if you pick the wrong person it can have the reverse outcome. But often sharing with the past can have a remarkable, refreshing way with our mood.

Write It Down - Often times if we were to just write down our thoughts it seems to "put them in their place" no longer are we burdened with them living in our heads, now they can live on paper. This method has been used for years by therapists to help troubled people deal with their problems so ... use it for yours.

Limit Television - Especially the news. It's all bad, it has to be. That's all that sells. Turn on any news program and Wham-o in comes the despair of the world. Most people are addicted to the news by things like what's happening to our economy ? what's going on with the latest crazy person that killed their family ? it goes on and on ...and will forever. It's the nature of the beast. Let me tell you something I heard many years ago. " If aliens land, the President gets shot, or there's a nuclear attack, within five minutes someone will let you know...guaranteed." and that is true. Someone you know will feel compelled to alert you to the "important" news. So take a break from filling your head with this constant flow of negative puke. I used that word to plant how important this one is.

Get A Massage - This one is a no-brainer as they say. I'd stay away from the spas or big named massage places that treat you like you're on an assembly belt and find a licensed massage therapist in your area. You don't really need anything fancy or exotic but a legitimate hour long therapeutic massage can do more than you've ever imagined to wipe away the massive amounts of stress you have built up in your body.A lot like many other truly wonderful events this is best enjoyed with a friend or partner so look for a massage therapist that offers couples massages.

Well there you have it just a few ways that you can reduce the deadliest killer known to mankind. Stress. Try one or try them all ( highly recommended) and your spirit will thank you.
Always consult your physician, before considering massage therapy. Some ailments and conditions are not a good candidate for massage. Massage/bodywork should not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment, and that you should seek a physician, chiropractor, or other qualified medical specialist for any mental or physical ailment of which you are aware. Massage/bodywork practitioners are not qualified to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any physical or mental illness.

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